Early Years

I began my musical journey in the mid 90’s, when I was exposed into house music. I am talking about the good old days of house music. Back then house music was still imported from the US of A. Chicago, to be exact. American house we used to call it and spent hours in the record stores, browsing through the lists. Just to back order a couple of copies of the 12 inch vinyl. Yes, back then the internet was the devil’s tool and the mp3 was yet unborn.

Back then we only had MTV UK (with Davina McCall) and Prodigy’s “Music for the Jilted Generation” just came out! These were the reasons that motivated me to move beyond the stereotypes and seek further musical knowledge. In a country that was mainly driven by rock, hard rock, heavy metal and… bouzouki! Soon enough I was involved in DJing and turntables spinning records in my hometown, Thessaloniki Greece. The guy to thank that for is George Pantazidis. Yep, he was the one who taught me how to spin records and give me a good slap when I missed a beat! I pay my respect where it is due!

Life Abroad

Moving to the United Kingdom for studies in the late 90’s, opened up my horizons in music, where I found himself in the motherland of all music electronica. Cream, Void, Ministry of Sound, all these were places yet to be discovered by a young ignorant Greek. Tech House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, were nothing but labels and genres to music. Back then of course, you used to hear tracks and say: “Oh, that is so Paul Oakenfold!” or “Definitely something John Digweed or Sasha would play!”. Global Underground was still in the womb.

The British club scene, BBC’s Radio1, the electronic music festivals, have had an immediate impact on my perception. After gaining enough experience and an academic degree, I returned to Greece in 2003 where I was involved in the local DJ scene. Or at least I thought I was! Back then, it was the next best thing and if you had 20 cds, you could call yourself a DJ. Who can forget AudioGalaxy, Napster and even SoulSeek back then (and now what?). Nevertheless, I organized and played in several events, created my own team called ‘Promise’ and hit it off. I guess my highlight would have to be a guest appearance in Pristhina, Kosovo in 2004.

Music Production

Now, this is a very funny story but I will not be going in too much detail. I’ll end up sad and bitter. The best bang-wagon for plenty of people back in 2003 was music production. Some were serious about, some not. In any case I made my debut in the scene as Undertide in 2004. Alongside my old friend and bitter-spicy commentator Pete Bellis aka Bellos. We met online, we had plenty of ‘Dangara’ = slang word for fun in Florina, Greece. We and I also started collaborating with artists around the world, through the internet, which was becoming quite the hip thing.

We and I came along way since then, evolving my production skills and improving my diversity to styles and genres. I never really limited my range to one particular genre. I was always curious and wanted to try out stuff, whether that was house, progressive house, trance, minimal, hip-hop or lounge. Although I am a hard-core 4-to-the-floor kinda guy, I always thought that the musical spectrum is 1000 miles long; why would I just stay on the first 10 miles?

Unfortunately, around 2007, I decided to withdraw from all musical things public because I didn’t really see a point to it and I was quite fed with the mentality of my peers in the field. People that were getting too old and too scared that you will take their jobs! I wanted to focus on my professional career since music was always a fun hobby and I did it for the love of it; not for the fame! I also wanted to improve my music production and finish my military duty, because it is an obligatory service.

The Return

I decided to resurface in 2009, working mainly underground, producing several high circulation remixes for well known artists, receiving support from DJs and musical contributors all over the globe. That is when the Paul Gilmore alias started to emerge. Seriously, people thought that I was lying to them when I said that I am Paul Gilmore! Nobody really knew, because I ‘ve never used photographs; just cool graphics of the name. In 2009 I began working on my more contemporary lounge project Doppelgaenger, collaborating mainly with Esteban Garcia, label manager of Euphistic Groovement. Oh, did I mention that he is the first and one of the few individuals who I hold dearly as a brother?

Later that year, Paul Gilmore created the Imports Series Podcast, dedicated to a small friend supporter base. Amazingly, that small fan base actually increased and his music found its way into many hard drives and iDevices. Several thousand plays and downloads in SoundCloud and iTunes! True Story…!

The Present, the Future

In 2012 I found myself between a rock and a hard place, with all the financial chaos brewing and I decided to move to abroad. Always focusing on my professional career, my music and DJing (why not?). Future looks bright, if you make it.

Dream Big and Move Forward. Be patient, persistent and don’t give up on your Goals. If you work hard, you will be rewarded in the end. It might take a while, but it would be worth it.