Today, I woke up to one of the most amazing news. Two of the most prolific Instagram accounts in Austria – @igersaustria & @discoveraustria – along with Médecins sans Frontières – Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Doctors without Borders), chose 3 of my photos for a nation-wide exhibition / charity event in Hotel Le Méridien, Vienna.

Early last April, they asked for Instagramers to donate their photos using the #OhneGrenzen2016 and #WitoutBorders2016 tags, with a chance to get their photos printed and exhibited. The most important part is that 100% of the funds raised during the exhibition will go to the Médecins sans Frontières – Ärzte ohne Grenzen Austria (as a charity).

Through thousands of photos, 350 made it in the final selection and these 3 are my contribution to a very important cause.

A photo posted by Paul Gilmore (@paul_gilmore) on

A photo posted by Paul Gilmore (@paul_gilmore) on

A photo posted by Paul Gilmore (@paul_gilmore) on

I never “won” anything in my life. Let alone a nation-community-wide “competition” in Photography. Although I am not new in Instagram, I have focused in it since last summer. Posting a photo every day. Connecting with people across the globe. Contributing. Celebrating the beauty of this planet while expressing my love, appreciation and respect for this beautiful country in the middle of the Alps. Nothing but love. Coming to Austria from a crisis-battered Greece, changed my life. Actually gave me a new life. So the least I could do, is give back. And I have always been like that. Because that’s what my family taught me. Always believe in the good in people, be nice to them. Be good and do good. Help and work hard.

“Keep doing what you do, and God will repay you”, that’s what my mom always says, and I live by that moto every day. The “pay-back” could be in a week, a month, a year, ten years. It will be there. Knocking on your door. I guess it’s a recognition. A personal recognition. Making an impact on this world. Making someone smile. Making someone happy. Infecting them with your positivity and good vibes.

Some of my other featured photos.

A photo posted by Tirol (@visittirol) on

Going places helped me find my peace of mind, find the love of my life and become more humble. It puts things into perspective as well as highlighting one’s insignificance to the rest of the world. And once you understand that you, realise that there’s no place for anything else. Personal achievements, popularity, likes, shares; completely irrelevant. ?

So much beauty in this world and so little time.

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