London-based startup BLOCKS has designed a smartwatch that allows wearers to choose the functionalities they need by clipping on additional modules.

Two years ago Google announced Project Ara. It’s an idea of a smartphone made by blocks, so every time you want to upgrade your smartphone you don’t have to buy a new one instead, you can change the blocks or even your screen and just like that you have a new CPU, RAM, battery or even a new camera! Good idea but they still working on it..


Now Blocks appeared with a new idea of modular device, but rather than another phone, it’s a smartwatch. I heard about a prototype last year, but there was no word on when it would go into production (like Project Ara but recently announce on twitter that they release it in 2016). The good news now is that you can pre-order on Kickstarter, so it’s getting closer to actually wear it.

For a pledge of $195 or more, you get one of the first Blocks smartwatches and it should ship to you around May of 2016. This will contain only the Core system and a basic watch strap with the following tech:

  • a round color touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • a battery that should last 1.5 days
  • sensors for activity tracking

This maybe satisfy you for a period of time, but I think people that buy a modular device they are more interested  in other modules. Now Blocks they have several modules you can add to customize your watch and they plan is to add more in the future. right now you can get:

  • extra battery module (up 20% each module)
  • heart rate module
  • GPS module
  • NFC payment module
  • adventure module (altitude, pressure and temperature)

In the future they plan Phase Two which will contain 4 new modules such like: SIM card, fingerprint, LED flashlight and programmable button.

And later Phase Three with more modules such as: air quality (awareness about the quality of your environment), camera, flash memory, stress level, body temperature and an expansion module.

And don’t forget to mention the smartwatch is fictional for Android and iPhone smartphones. It will work with all Android 4.0+ and iOS 8 and above.

For more informations go to and

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