I love the interwebs. I am fascinated by social media and how it connects people. Unlike what many others say. “Online” is another form of human interaction. Evolved. Brings people together. In a instant; or as long as it takes to write an email.

I received such an email a little while ago, from the good people over Bookblock, after they came across my photographs on Unsplash. They were super kind to hook me up with a custom notebook, using one of my photographs.

When I don’t take pictures, making vlogs or music, I am a UX/UI/Web Designer. And it is quite imperative in my line of work, to take notes and draw scribbles. Digital is great, but nothing beats a great custom journal. I was literally blown away from the quality, texture, colors, assembly. And if you wanna talk turkey, then it’s value for money.

Bookblock Original offers designers, photographers, illustrators, or anyone who likes to make their mark, the opportunity to design a notebook in their own individual style. By simply uploading a bespoke design or favourite photograph online, your digitally printed notebook will be ready to be filled with musings, doodles or ideas within days.

Crafted in partnership with one of the UK’s oldest bookbinders, each notebook is created using traditional bookbinding and printing techniques. You can customise your notebook or journal down to the paper, elastics and even the ribbon for just £12.

Bookblock Original captured the imagination of the creative community in 2015 with the launch of its successful Kickstarter campaign. It has since showcased the work of Mattias Adolfsson, Rob Flowers, Annu Kilapeinen and Supermundane on its soft-touch covers, along with many other leading designers, illustrators and popular bloggers.

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