I did a remix on So Hot Wit Me by BORDO. Nothing excites me more than working with people around the globe on music. Their music. Making a remix most of the time. BORDO and are two of these people, a newcomer duet producing mellow / deep house inspired by the sea and the sun. They come from Paris, or at least that is where most of the magic happens. That’s where So Hot Wit Me came to life. And for the millionth time, French do it better. But what happens if you add a Greek in the mix… (or the remix for that matter)?

Anyway, I have no more to say really than the fact that I think I am blessed and that music brings people together. France, Austria, Wales, Kenya, Korea, Greece. Oh, here’s the video I did for my remix. Hope you like it.

Sand, sea waves, sunlight, chilling, this is how it feels like. BORDO is your perfect soundtrack for an unending summer.” Their words, not mine. I couldn’t agree more though.

Watch on YouTube

So Hot With Me Remix on Soundcloud

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