Protect Your Mind by DJ Sakin & Friends was originally release in 1998 by Overdose. Van Bellen did an incredible job in the remix, turning this classic 90s trance tune into a deeper and milder progressive house anthem. Proof to that was it’s addition to Sasha’s Global Underground 03 : San Francisco. Fun fact: The original mix included samples from the 1995 film, ‘Braveheart’ (starring Mel Gibson).

This is part of a larger collection of music that I have been digitizing as of late. Records and audio CDs that were stuffed all over the place. The glorious DJ times. I’ve decided to share them because I missed listening to them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and see where all of this started.

PUEBLO VISTA : See. Feel. Listen!

We are our listeners. The sound of PUEBLO VISTA is an amalgamation  of electronica, chill wave and indie. As long as it’s good, we will share it. Our goal is to combine emotion triggering visuals with music. Good music doesn’t mean it has to be new. It’s like good wine. Only time can tell. As simple as that. Don’t just follow, see, feel, listen!


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