Guess what? Imports Series Podcast 010 is finished and uploaded. Unfortunately on Mixcloud and not on Soundcloud (as usual) due to the usual copyright SC hassle. Sunny was traveling uphill, toward the headquarters in the Mortmain Mountains, in an automobile that was working perfectly, but the driver of the automobile was a man who was reason enough for being terrified. Some people called this man wicked. Some called him facinorous, which is a fancy word for “wicked.” A Series of Unfortunate Events #10 by Lemony Snicket.

Imports #10 by Paul Gilmore on

Imports 010 TRACKLIST

01. Sasha feat. Kirster Linder – Cut Me Down (Paul Gilmore Remix)
02. Lokitas – Indifference (Second Skin Remix)
03. Paul Gilmore & Marco Fenyes – Solothurn
04. Greed feat. Lesley – Tea in the Sahara (Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan Dubrub)
05. Paul Gilmore – Midnight
06. John Digweed – Gridlock (Henry Saiz Remix)
07. Caytas & Patz – Are You Afraid (Joel Mull Dub Edit)
08. Guy J & Henry Saiz – Meridian (Pryda Remix)
09. Daft Punk – End of Line (Distrix Mix)

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