Another episode is here. This time, Imports Series Podcast 08. Thanks to this gunslingin freedom, the DJ has for nearly fifty years been music’s prime mover. The DJ realized his power when he cultivated first rhythm and blues then rock ‘n’ roll, and despite murderous opposition spread them across the airwaves. Since then the DJ has snatched the keys to music’s patent office and conspired with postmodernism to lock the musician out. Live music sustained itself by dreaming of the next big thing and reheating rock every ten years. Meanwhile, the truly novel forms were being created by the collision of vinyl on DJs’ turntables.

Reggae, disco, hip hop, house, techno, drum & bass, garage – all forms born and bred not by musicians but by the DJ. These genres didn’t emerge from some jam-session epiphany: they came from the DJ trying every trick in the book to keep hold of the dancefloor – his high-maintenance lover.

Imports #8 by Paul Gilmore on

Imports 08 TRACKLIST

01. Trentemoller – Evil Dub
02. Arthur Deep – Sphere (Original mix)
03. Lank & Inkfish feat. Yota – Let It Roll (Paul Gilmore Remix)
04. Estroe – Rechord (Ludovic Vendi Remix)
05. Moonbeam – The Underwater World (Original Mix)
06. Exoplanet – Brickwall Of Love (Original Mix)
07. Lokitas – Indifference (Original Mix)
08. Sigur Rós – Vidrar Vel Til Loftaras (Marcelo Vasami Bootleg)
09. Moonbeam – Only This Moment (Kobana & Mario Hatchet Remix)
10. Guy Gerber – Timing (Original Mix)
11. David Garcet – Ero (original Mix)
12. Trentemoller – Moan (Extended Vocal Mix)

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