My approach on this piece is rather modern, but always respecting the original arrangement of K. Bhta’s “Tyxero Asteri”, featuring Giannis Palamidas on the vocals. A rather old song, dating back in the early 2000. The original take, is a minimal yet emotional journey, that holds the listener, with dreamy strings and divine vocals.

I brought the style, closer to 2011, keeping the ambiance and enhancing the elements, by adding a two-step groove with strong percussion and several string instruments. The remix was supported heavily by local music enthusiasts as well as radio stations, both in the FM and the WWW.

About Giannis Palamidas

 Giannis was born in Serres and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied the piano in the National Conservatory as well as classic singing. In 1979 he formed the band “Apocalypsis” with Vasilis Dertilis.

He is one of the most (ridiculously) talented singers / songwriters / performers of his era, and most undervalued (if I may add). He has worked with many significant musicians and artists, like Lena Platonos in “Sabotage”. Another one of them was Kostantinos Vita (one half of Stereo Nova). Tyhero Asteri, is their collaboration and part of  Angel Baby album.

About K.Bhta

K.BhtaHe was born in Melbourne, Australia where he studied painting and history of Arts, before moving to Athens, where he studied graphic design. In 1992 he formed the electronic band Stereo Nova, with which he recorded five official albums.

In 1996, Stereo Nova disbanded and he began to pursue a solo career.He has composed music for documentaries, movies, and the theatre.

He lives and works in Athens.

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