A little while ago I was acquainted with Kled Mone over the internet. The place where people meet these days. In our case this the only way due to the distance. Although we acknowledged each other’s existence, having heard each other’s music, we never really contacted one another. Well, fate played a mysterious game of dice and coincidence, on thing led to another and we communicated. Long story short, Kled made a cover of Ed Sheeran‘s I See Fire¬†collaborating with Yalena, who has exceptional vocal skills. I asked him if it would be cool for me to remix his cover.

Watch on YouTube

Don’t really know if remixing covers is a thing, but I did it anyway because a) I dig Kled‘s music and b) I loved Yalena‘s singing. I haven’t done anything for a while now, and I thought that this would be the perfect chance to shake that rusty bucket I call music-making-computer-studio. It did take me a month or so (lol) to finish it, but with everyday routine and a couple of major #fails in the concept, I did pull through.

We all agreed that the vibe is definitely summery and laid back, and maybe (just maybe) this is the first time I do something like that. But I love diversity anyway, while keeping a certain style I call my own. Feel free to share, download, re-tweet or whatever it is that you do. And don’t forget to show some love to the guys, as well as the original cover here.

My 'I See Fire' Remix on Soundcloud

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