MED-EL is the worlds most innovative cochlear implant company. Helping children and adults with hearing loss hear life again.


In order to improve the usability and create a positive user experience on the Clinic Finder, I had to deconstruct and reconstruct it again. Using only the absolutely essentials and focusing on the search filters and information. Several statistics and heat-maps of the existing page, revealed very useful information that had to be followed.

Following the example of Google Maps and Nokia's Here Maps, I gathered the information in one content block, thus giving the user more "control" over the map. The map is the key feature here. Also in the concept, using geo-location the user could be directly prompted to his local area / country map. Personally I prefer the global map, since it adds more value to the company in terms of scale. Responsiveness is a big issue here, and by using the Bootstrap framework in combination with the Google Maps API, great things could be achieved.

Essentially this could be a Google Maps website / mobile app, branded with specific functionality.

- Photoshop
- Edge Reflow
- Sitefinity CMS

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