MED-EL is the worlds most innovative cochlear implant company. Helping children and adults with hearing loss hear life again.


Working with a custom CMS is never easy. Nevertheless, there are ways to "cheat" and be flexible. Especially if you have a very crafted and competent Web Developer working with you. Using Foundation Framework - and to put it simple - makes the front end of a website responsive. Out of the box (with some effort). And when the content blocks become "HTML ready" then that's where the magic happens.

One of the main principles of responsive design is the use of the 12-column grid. I redesigned the "New to hearing implants" section, and placed the contents into columns. I made use of that and transformed the otherwise "stiff" video player, to a responsive and mobile swipe-able slider. Making use of the Foundation Framework, I also created a separate Mobile View. In responsive design, all elements stack one under the other by default. I thought I would do something better than that and add 2 elements in the same row. Quite visually effective when you work with icons or icon-boxes.

- Dreamweaver
- Photoshop
- Foundation 3.0

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