MED-EL is the worlds most innovative cochlear implant company. Helping children and adults with hearing loss hear life again.


Co-developed and implemented the a landing page for the purposes of a specific product launch. Along with the involved stakeholders and external teams, all the key messages were identified. With the slight use of the parallax effect, the page acquired some "movement" thus enhancing the user experience and retention. The interactive color selection section, provides the user with control over the page, and this is also a plus. This page also includes the introduction of icons in the corporate pages, something that adds to the page value and usability. Visitors can place "visual anchors" a lot easier than remembering terms. The same goes for colors. Of course icon and color usage must be done carefully, otherwise one can easily find himself with hundreds of icons when the "visual anchor" effect is dramatically reversed.

- Dreamweaver
- Photoshop

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