MED-EL is the worlds most innovative cochlear implant company. Helping children and adults with hearing loss hear life again.


After having redefined the product page template and design guidelines (wider images, use of icons, smaller text segments) in the existing website, it was time for something new. Moving to a new CMS and using Bootstrap as a framework, provided me with many more possibilities in the final layout. Google's Material design has been my bible for quite some time, without blatantly copying everything pixel by pixel. It's supposed to be a guide anyway.

Unlike others, I like telling a story in my design. In a way that when the visitor scrolls through, there is a flow - both visual and textual - in the information. Combining imagery with text looks easy, yet I avoid using the same element order, row after row after row.

And as a friend told me, "Good design takes time, bad design takes forever"

- Photoshop
- Bootstrap Docs
- Material Design

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