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I came across RIVERS and her ‘Soft‘ a while back, while listening music for my YouTube channel. Aaaah, the interwebs is an amazing place and Soundcloud is a treasure paradise. I have always said it and I always will. But let’s focus on the main attraction here, which is none other than RIVERS. She is a Cardiff (Wales) based singer/songwriter, with roots in Nairobi, Kenya. While going through her songs (Vincent, Milk & Honey, I Get Ill, Powder), I realised that this one likes to combine the ‘unusual with the usual’. She has a very particular tone in her voice, that literally captivates you for the duration of any song, while making you wonder what else she can do.

Anyway, I have no more to say really than the fact that I think I am blessed and that music brings people together. Austria, Wales, Kenya, Korea, Greece. Oh, here’s the video I did for my remix, using footage she so kindly provided. And no, it’s not her on the video.

Watch the Music Video on YouTube

RIVERS Remix on Soundcloud

Paul Gilmore
I am simply someone who loves making and arranging beats, while expressing myself in however I can. I blame the voices in my head.
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