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Sometimes life is quite unexpected. But you know what they say, the best comes always when you least expect it or from the unexpected. This is a story similar to this concept. Just like several other music lovers or music makers, I do too have a normal day job. And I work with a lot of people, inside and outside the physical limits of the premises. I recently discovered the second (and more sinister) nature of a colleague. This guy, Kid Walter. Due to the nature of our work, it’s only natural to be creative (music) but also makes us appreciate something that many people take for granted; hearing. Yes, hearing sounds, music, speech etc. Everything you can do with your ears. Hearing-wise and not otherwise.

Who is Kid Walter?

Other than being the occasional DJ in a well known spot in Innsbruck, he is also the host of a radio show, Wiener Schnitzel by Tilos Rádió. Tilos Radio started its broadcast on the 21st of August 1991 in Budapest at FM 95.5. Tilos Radio was the first “third type” (not commercial and not public service) independent radio station in Hungary, or as the law puts it: a non-profit radio station.

Wiener Schnitzel

Not discussing its origin, one thing is certain about the the traditional Wiener Schnitzel (viennese cutlet): it’s made of veal/Vienna Downbeat Scene. But, according to many restaurateurs/producers, the viennese cutlet is exactly the same as fried cutlet/electro dub, therefore the type/origin of the raw material doesn’t really matter. In the case of fried cutlet/electro dub it’s true. However the viennese cutlet is even therefrom viennese cutlet, because it’s made from veal/Vienna Downbeat Scene. The story is very simple: unless it isn’t made of that, than it’s not that as well. In Vienna the garnish of “Wiener Schnitzel” is the not only as trimming used but on the meet squeezed/on the rhythm spoken lemon/mc and the cold potatoe salad with onion and mayonnaise/vocalist. Strange to say but serving it with red currant jelly/dancing craziness is usual in many places!

Ingredients: although we know, that all of the kitchenjunkies like to experiment with the raw materials, what you don’t leave out anyway: Kruder & Dorfmeister, Makossa & Megablast, Stereotyp, Al Haca, Tolcha, Vienna Scientists, Sofa Surfers...

Garnish:  if you go off the original recipe, it could be any fine electronic, mainly a mix from dub, house, electro, break and 2 step. So can be the individually experience more exciting every time.

Directions: mix the above-mentioned stuffs tasty on two black vinyl plates together, paying attention to the beat and the enhancing of the mood.

The Chefs: Kid Walter head cook and Nizar first-rate confectioner. This was baking it, that was eating all of it.

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