Christmas Chill

A Lo-Fi Hip Hop Mixtape

The internet is awesome, but you can’t download love; only beat-tapes. I have been doing mixtapes for as long as I can remember. Back in the good old days of analog DJing, a dj mix could only be recorded live. God knows how many takes I had to do before achieving perfection.

Lo-Fi mixtapes though, thats something entirely different. There might not be “real” mixing involved, however the mood is key. That’s where harmonic sequencing comes in handy. You can google that.

A Christmas fused Lo-Fi to Chillhop winter mixtape by Pueblo Vista, with beats from marius Schiffer, Davnnk, jpannabis, DIODE, Nezra, Kuma, mell-ø and more.

Available on the following mixtape / podcast platforms:

Without music, life would be a mistake. Without mistakes, there wouldn’t be any mixtapes.