I have been to Bolzano (Bozen) several times in my 7 years living in Austria. Day trips and even overnights for Törggelen; but that’s for another post. However, since I am not really a city or urban photographer, I never really get motivated or excited that easily within a city setting. Well, this time I kinda did a “detour” and ventured off, away from the old city center (Altstadt) and walked closer to the river. And then I became extremely happy that I had my camera back pack with me.

Since I am still learning how to shoot in cities, I tried to “limit” myself to two lenses. The 18-105mm and the 70-300mm. Well technically my tele-lens is more of a 105-450mm since it’s a full frame lens, mounted with an adapter to my half-crop mirror-less Sony a6500. And yeah, I do think I should get the e-mount version of that for better clarity and focus / focus speed. 

A day in Bolzano (South Tyrol), Italy » Stories » Paul Gilmore

While in Bolzano, one can catch a glimpse of the Dolomites. This is the Rosengartenspitze (Cima Catinaccio). Bolzano is the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. With a population of 107,436, Bolzano is also by far the largest city in South Tyrol and the third largest in Tyrol. The metropolis has about 250,000 inhabitants and is one of the urban centers within the Alps. long with other Alpine towns in South Tyrol, Bolzano engages in the Alpine Town of the Year Association for the implementation of the Alpine Convention. The Convention aims to promote and achieve sustainable development in the Alpine Arc. Consequently, Bolzano was awarded Alpine Town of the Year 2009.

The honorary title Alpine Town of the Year is awarded annually by the general meeting of the association’s members at the recommendation of a jury. The jury examines the projects and proposals of the candidates on the basis of ecological, social and economic criteria. Every town in the area covered by the Alpine Convention can apply for the award. During the Alpine Town Year, there will be at least three international events, and two sustainable projects will be realized. The award and the cooperation across linguistic and geographical borders put the participating towns into the limelight, give wide publicity to their efforts for sustainable development and strengthen the links among the participating towns.

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