Well there’s nothing much to say here really. I went home for my wedding party in Halkidiki. My best man along with my brother and a handful of my best friends, planned a “bachelor party” on a sailing boat. The plan was to sail between the two large peninsulas of Halkidiki, from Kassandra to Sithonia, drink alcohol, listen to loud music and fulfill the duty of tradition. What happened was loads of jokes, catching up, deep philosophical conversations, a lot of food and me seizing the opportunity and take some great photos of the landscape and my buddies.

These are some shots from the cove of Panagia, near Neos Marmaras in Sithonia, Halkidiki. We stopped, dipped in like 1000 times and managed to take off (as well as land) the drone on a moving sailing boat. 

Sailing boat from Kassandra to Sithonia » Stories » Paul Gilmore

The island of Kelyfos, situated between the two peninsulas. In Greek we call it Chelona (Χελώνα) island due to it’s obvious shape. Fact: on this island there are a lot of snakes. 

Overall this was one of the most intimate and sentimental experiences of my life, one that I will probably cherish for ever. Also, I am publishing this post in May of 2019, almost one year after it happened. I don’t think that any of the participants has seen any of these photos, so this one’s for you guys. Pablo, Theo, Giorgos, Markos, Stergios, Peter, Andy and our captain Greg. Last but not least, a big shout out to my brother Lampros, who couldn’t make it on time to join us. Team Priapos 2018.

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